The Beginning?

I have been pondering this very question myself for the past 2 months before starting to write this first blog. It was in fact YouTube that started the whole pondering in the first place.

My company has a pretty good following on YouTube, but I wanted to kick this on and find a new way to expose our products and our website to more people. With this is mind I decided to start doing reviews of our products and offering a review service to companies we aren’t currently working with.

“Nothing new here I hear you say” and yes I would agree, there are plenty of people out their reviewing products and plenty of stores selling product, but I don’t see anyone doing both as one entity very well and so this is where we aim to be different.

We want to offer a transparent service so that people can see what they are purchasing online or on the high street before they make the decision to buy. Let’s be honest many products that are bought these days are not readily available on the high street, which means you are buying from a website which in many cases give you a picture of the item in a box and maybe another image of the item unboxed, if you are lucky, and a product description that in general can be very poor even on major websites such as Amazon or Ebay.

I have just begun the process of reviewing products in the last week and it took several weeks for me to be able to put myself in front of a camera as this is not what I have ever wanted or thought to do. Please take a look at the review I have done today and also edited myself which I have had to teach myself the art of film editing as well, this is only my third one
Otherland on YouTube any comments, views, likes would be greatly appreciated at this early stage.

I have spent countless hours learning to understand YouTube better, watching reviewers and vloggers, some very good and totally natural and others very poor but still doing relatively well. My wife and I particulary like Daily Bumps Daily Bumps on YouTube and have started watching their video blog from the beginning, it’s like watching a reality show on MTV without the ads or created storylines. Actually it was our 4 year old daughter that got us on to them as she has been watching them for weeks!

We have just started doing daily video logs ourselves over Easter, you can see how we are getting on  it would be great to get some feedback on this as it is all very new for us.

I will start by posting every Sunday and will increase this to twice a week as I get used to writing more regularly.

6 thoughts on “The Beginning?

      1. I sure will! Ive just started filming, Im going to do them on a weekly basis and start building them up once my channel picks up! If you havent already, you should check Casey Neisat, one of the most creative daily bloggers on the web.. Exciting times ahead


      2. Just gone and checked him out, definately helps when Nike are giving you a budget to make a film! maybe if we get enough subscribers they may ask one of us to make one too? until then it’s low budget all the way. Good Luck, keep in touch.

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      3. Tell me about it! If you get a chance you should check out his draw my life, he was homeless at one point, so crazy how much he’s done, such an inspirational guy. But yeah, tell me about it and I bet it wasn’t a small amount of money ha! Hey man, that’s totally the plan! We could 100% collaborate I can see Adam and Leroy industries being the next big thing! Haha was really nice to have such a welcoming reply man, thanks for that! You too, take it easy man


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