So this week we started our daily video blog, choosing the name was probably the easiest part. We went for Aces Hi which stands for Adam, Carly, Ethan, Shell with Hi obviously to say hello. I am really amazed and pleased how Shell has taken to being in front of the camera, she appears so at ease with the process of talking to it which is really helping me as I don’t feel as calm as her. It is has struck me though how quickly things evolve, day one was quite a nervous affair but by day 4 we had built some structure to the blog and created a picture montage set to music that we now put on the beginning of each days blog. I hope talking to the camera becomes easier over the coming weeks!

Carly helped me with a product video on the Otherland YouTube channel about some new Frozen backpacks that have arrived Frozen Backpacks Review she is really gaining confidence in herself and is getting used to the camera being around. She really is a sociable little butterfly, it was her birthday recently and we had a party at a local indoor play centre, she invited 10 friends but they were all from different areas of her life, nursery school, gymnastics, our work friends, neighbours and cousins so we were a little unsure about how they would all get on as they didn’t know each other. Well I can say with great pride Carly was amazing, she introduced all her friends to each other and made sure to play with all of them during the course of the 2 hours, I don’t think I was doing that at 4 years old.

In the music world this week we are really liking Charlie XCX, Carly is walking around the house singing her latest song and I have been listening to Queens Of The Stone Age at work. I have just found out that they were formed in Palm Desert California which is where I went to High School and lived for 2 years, it really is a small world. On the way in to work on Thursday the radio played two of my favourite songs, which doesn’t happen very often, Michael Jackson’s Beat It and The Eagles Hotel California, radio on at full blast.

Shell is away this coming week on a training course so I have the kids to look after on my own. I take my hat off to single parents, I honestly don’t think they get the credit in society that they deserve, it is truely the hardest job if you are doing it right. Luckily Carly is back at nursery this week after the Easter break so that will at least allow me time to get some work done.

Re-cycle, no not your home waste, they are a company who send 2nd hand bikes to Africa. Did you know that the average African woman walks roughly 4 hours a day? no, neither did I. The bikes allow children the opportunity to go to school and adults the chance of getting work. If you have a bike you are not using anymore, or want to raise money, volunteer or just donate then take a look at their website

At it has been a quiet week due to the Bank Holiday on Monday. Apparently reports are of a wash out for retailers over the Easter period, it appears people chose this time to book time off and go away, they did predict there would be a heatwave over Easter which didn’t materialise but it did improve dramatically on the Tuesday. Traffic online definitely took a drop as we noticed less numbers on YouTube and Amazon as well as our own site. We did have some new Frozen lines arrive Frozen toys at Otherland there are some videos on our YouTube account to go with some of these.

Wish me luck for the week ahead, you can see how I get on by watching our Daily Vlog ACES Hi Daily Vlog


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