What A Week

Well I have survived so that’s the good news. Looking after my two little one’s who are just 4 and just 1 plus trying to carry on with work as usual has been probably been the hardest week in many years, if not ever. As I have stated before those that bring their children up alone do not get the credit they deserve, you need that partner or someone just to relieve the pressure of the constant demands of young children. This maybe the case for older children to but I can’t comment on that yet as I don’t have experience of that stage, but at least when they are older they can do some things for themselves.

My wife Michelle has recently been promoted at work and was sent on a training course last Sunday and returned home on Friday night. During the course of the week I have had tantrums, tears and a car breakdown to deal with.

Sunday afternoon was pretty standard as Michelle was with us until 3pm and we had gone for breakfast with friends and a walk in the park beforehand. It was lovely to see our friends as we hadn’t seen them since our wedding last June and not had the chance to spend some proper time with them since the previous August.

Monday was a fairly good day, I should have known it would be a false dawn. Ethan has developed the nasty habit of throwing himself down on the floor and kicking out at just about anything he doesn’t want to do, on every no and when he is tired, so pretty much all the time at the moment. He generally bangs his head when he throws himself to the floor to make his tantrum worse.

Tuesday and Wednesday were hard work, with the tantrums from Ethan and the strops from Carly. I don’t know how Michelle remains so patient, I think it is a female trait though, women seem to be far more patient than men from what I have noticed in parks, soft play areas and speaking to other couples. After nursery on Wednesday Carly has swimming, unfortunately the viewing area where Ethan and I were watching her from lacked air-conditioning was packed full and it was the hottest day of the year so far at 24 degrees. I then took them to McDonalds to give me a break from cooking for one night and as a treat for them, Ethan decided he would throw his food at every passer by rather than eat.

So on to Thursday and things could only improve surely? Carly was in nursery for the whole day and all I had to do was look after Ethan and do a days work, what could go wrong? At 2pm our hairdresser arrived for our appointment, my hair was trimmed back to a manageable length but Ethan decided he didn’t want his great big bushy hair cut and threw himself about so much we had to give up with three quarters of it done! luckily it was the top that hasn’t been touched so he is getting away with the look at the moment as the back and sides are looking just about right. I then put him down for a snooze and got some more work done before I had to go and pick Carly up from nursery, I also cooked some sausages especially for her during this time as her favourite at the moment is to have them cold. I had to wake the little man as he was still asleep and put the sleepy little guy in the car, to a further tantrum. I jumped in the front and started the car, alas I didn’t because it wouldn’t start. Twenty pounds later a visit to the cashpoint and a return trip in a taxi I got Carly home, 45 minutes later than planned, I then had to call Green Flag out to fix the problem which delayed dinner and bath time by an hour.

Friday was much easier, probably due to the fact I knew Michelle was coming home that night and I would have some help again. It is fantastic to have her back and we have enjoyed our weekend out and about in some nice weather. You can see how the week went by watching our daily video blog here ACES Hi

Highlight of the week for me was the new trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens it is really looking like this is going to be a great film, the two teasers have been very good and made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I have been very disappointed in the direction the Star Wars brand has been taken in recent years, the last film to be released Revenge Of The Sith was very poor for me and then to do nothing but a cartoon series for 10 years was a complete waste of a license that has so much potential.

My favourite new product this week at Otherland is the Samurai Kitchen Knives Set this is a great looking set especially with Father’s Day next on the calendar of events for the year. We have seen a massive increase in outdoor products selling this week with the return of the nice weather, especially with Aerobie Frisbees and Waboba Balls.

I am looking forward to a return to normality this week and getting back to the office for a break.


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