What A Difference A Week Makes

This week has flown by, after what seemed like the longest week ever last week with Michelle away this week has been the complete opposite and has just flown by. So much so that I have got to the point of writing this blog without penning any ideas as I went along during the week.

On Sunday we went to the Colchester Country Fair, which in all honesty we were more than a little disappointed in. Now I don’t mind paying an entrance fee but I don’t expect to then pay for everything when I get in, and the kids rides were all £2.50 for 5 minutes!! You can catch our video blog of that and the rest of our Sunday Country Fair

It was back to work on Monday and nice to be able to fully concentrate on what needed doing rather than trying to entertain two very impatient children at the same time. A bit of training and some company aims for the coming year were discussed, albeit in the garden of the Managing Directors house.

On Tuesday I went to Dunston Hall in Norwich, which I might add was extremely nice and the staff were very friendly and courteous. Here I met with Claire Lake the Key Account Manager at Tobar to do some product testing and videos for the Otherland YouTube page. Of particular interest was the Zuru Robo Turtle Playset which is launched at the end of May. Zuru Robo Turtle Playset


This is the next instalment in the very popular Robo Fish range and both Tobar and Zuru are expecting big things from this in the second half of the year.

My particular favourite video of the product reviews we did was the Star Wars Melting StormTrooper which apparently is doing quite well already but again is bound to become very popular with the release of the new Star Wars film at the end of the year.

On Wednesday Michelle was back flying, so it was back to Daddy Day Care duties once more, Carly had nursery in the morning allowing me time to crack on with some work and then in the afternoon we had her swimming lesson, followed by a trip to McDonalds, it’s so hard not to with it right opposite her swimming lesson. I just know they will both eat without the hassle of coming home, trying to cook and keep them both awake or from wrecking the joint while I am doing it. I then took them on a bike ride when we got back before bath time and eventually bed, which they were both asleep by 8pm.

On Thursday it was back to the office, it had been 2 weeks since I had last been in so it was really nice to see all the team. I had a meeting with one of our agents Steve Baker who brought me a couple of boxes of samples to review and which will keep me busy for the next couple of weeks I think.

Friday I worked from home and managed to get lots done despite Amanda’s best efforts to try and break our website back-end and the API feed to Ebay, sorry Amanda you had to get a mention. Then all of a sudden it was Friday night and the week had flown by, a very good positive and constructive week plus the added benefit of glorious weather all week.

New arrivals this week were In The Night Garden Skittles


and the Yankee Candle fragrance of the month for May which are at the great price of £14.99.

Soft Blanket Large Jar and A Child’s Wish Large Jar


Carly is going through a stage of wanting to be on camera and then not at the moment, which has improved on last week when she didn’t want to be on it at all. She was a little sweetheart on Wednesday as she climbed up on the bar stool beside me with one of her games and started to talk through reviewing it very quietly, I told her she was doing an excellent job of showing people how it is played. She will have her own channel in no time at all I am sure.

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