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I am fascinated by the number of views Blind Bag and Surprise Egg opening videos get. If you do a search on YouTube right now you will find hundreds of videos with millions of views each. All these videos consist of is someone sat showing you the contents of each blind bag or surprise egg they have just opened with a close up on a cheap plastic toy that gets used for a couple of minutes by your child when they first get it, normally chucked in the bin by a parent within the week.

In an attempt to see how many views we could get on a video like this I was very kindly given a box of the new Minion blind bags that were due to be released on the 1st May to coincide with the forthcoming movie due for release on the 18th June. Phil at Wind Designs let me have them but with a stipulation that they needed to be opened while wearing a set of Hulk hands!!

After some planning with my wife we decided that while attempting to open a blind bag I would go in to a BLIND BAG RAGE and then turn in to the Hulk, I do this twice in the video and the second time looks far better than the first. It was a lot of fun to make although I did give myself a headache with recreating the Hulk voice during it, you can see the finished article Minions Blind Bag Unboxing With Added Hulk Rage

Blind Bags With Hulk Hands.
Blind Bags With Hulk Hands.

We have just had stock of a new range of toys called Mutant Mania these are produced by Moose who were the creators of the very popular Trash Pack and this range is expected to be as successful as it’s predecessor.

It’s nasty! It’s freaky! And it’s gunna get ugly! Mash together the ultimate gruesome wrestler using a combo of mutant body parts.

The Mutant Mania are here! Wacky, mix n match collectable wrestlers. Over 120 wacky, mix ‘n’ match collectable wrestlers to collect. Make hundreds of combinations. Build ‘em up, mix and match ’em, stretch ’em and connect ’em with the Flexi Spine System. Then smash ‘em down for exciting wrestling action!

Mutant Mania Rampage Arena
Mutant Mania Rampage Arena

On a humerous note, we had an email from a customer this week, who asked if our Harry Potter wands actually cast spells? The wand pictured in this link Harry Potter Wand are from the Noble Collection. I am sure the company that comes up with a wand spell casting toy will do rather well, but I think we are a few years away from that just yet!

We have now almost completed our first full month of daily video blogs, we are now really enjoying it and have totally got used to putting our lives on camera, we are both really enjoying it now after a nervy start. Favourites this week were Monday for Michelle, when she took them to the zoo, and Wednesday for me, where I caught Ethan and the cat playing together.

We are heading down to Devon on Thursday for a well earned break so I will post on Monday next week so that I can include what we have done while away

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