A Visit To Dinosaur Land

This weekend we took a short break to Devon and on Sunday visited Dinosaur Land in Combe Martin. If you have ever been you will know that it probably has one of the steepest car parks of any attraction you will visit.

There are lots of moving dinosaurs scattered around the park, one of which sprays water to unsuspecting members of the crowd to everyone’s amusement. There are Lions, Monkeys and Lemurs to name a few of the animals they have, all housed with plenty of space and I must admit the Lions were probably the best kept I have seen, they looked immaculate like they had just come from having a neat haircut that day.

The Sea Lion show was the only show we managed to see, too much time spent grazing on the massive picnic our friend Sally had prepared for our day out and in the Soft Play throwing balls at each other, it was quite a show too, I hadn’t realise just how intelligent Sea Lions are.

The final event of the day was the train ride only short but great entertainment. After a short trip down the line you come to a stream where they re-enact what happened when the ice started melting after the Ice Age period, lots of laughter and some wet clothes later your heading back up the line.

You can catch our time at Dinosaur Land by clicking the link to take you to our video of the day.


With Father’s day just around the corner you may be needing a little inspiration, so here are a couple of things dad may just prefer over socks.

The Ninja Wallet 18 Tools In 1

The World’s first 100% flat multi-tool, the Wallet Ninja Tool is stunningly practical and looks great, with 18 different tools fitted on 1 credit card design piece of metal. You can carry the Wallet Ninja everywhere your wallet goes and it is also TSA Approved.


Mystical Fire

A great present for a party or special BBQ. Turn the flames of a regular wood burning fire into a brilliant display of brightly coloured flames of vibrant blue, green, purple and red! Perfect for using both indoors and out, whether log fire, camp fire, a garden fire pit or Chimney. This mystical fire powder will delight your family, mystify your friends and add hours of entertainment for all. Simply throw between 1 – 3 unopened sachets into your fire and watch the transformation. Each sachet will provide around 40 minutes of vividly coloured entertainment.


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