The Sunday Blog May 24th 2015

How strange it was to see Australia in the Eurovision song contest, although I think they should take our place on a regular basis. Let’s be honest we could enter the best song ever written and still end up in the bottom half, the voting is crazy but it is probably the most addictive part of the whole program, for years I just tuned in to watch that part, to be honest maybe we all should and just vote for our favourite countries or who we want to please that year. Finland’s entry, albeit only getting as far as the semi-final, was trending on Wednesday. The punk rock group was made up of four men all with learning difficulties, which was a first. Although they were ranked among the early favourites with bookmakers they were eliminated with last years runners-up The Netherlands.

ACES Hi daily vlogs reached it’s 50 days of vlogging on Saturday, I truly can’t believe we have reached that first milestone already, when we started that seemed so far away but has gone so quickly. It is giving us so many great things to be able to look back on and remember. We produced a channel trailer for our YouTube channel which you can check out here ACES Hi Channel Trailer

On Tuesday I went to Tobar and did a test and review of the new Remote Control Battle Tanks, this set is due in to stock next month and is fantastic value and great fun. We used to stock a set like this a few years ago where the tanks were about half the size and cost twice as much. The firing range of the tanks was over 10 feet and as you will see in the review they can also drive over objects, this set will be huge at Christmas, see our video here RC Battle Tanks

New in to stock this week and great for the beach this summer are the Minions and Frozen Beach Accessories in Handy Backpacks.

U314034 U314035

Minions Backpack and Frozen Backpack are both available at Otherland by clicking the links.

As I am finishing writing I can see that Electro Velvet the Australian Eurovision entry are trending in the UK with over 100,000 plus searches, there may well be calls for a regular slot!


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