Cheap Journalism

As yet another football season comes to an end, so begins the numerous articles linking every player with every team from Arsenal to Zurich. Is there any truth in any of these reports? in 95% of them no, so how are papers and websites allowed to just print anything they like?

I remember last year they stated that we were in for the coldest winter in 100 years yet it was probably one of the mildest, I’m sure this article was repeated from the previous year as well. That is just one example of many fictitious columns I have read in the past year, which should be for a shelf on the Fiction aisle of a book shop rather than a supposed source of informed and factual news.

I am debating starting my own website linking every player with every team, with no factual information or access to any of the teams or players involved and then spamming every keyword associated with said individuals in a blatant attempt to steal traffic, increase views and then max it out with advertising, sound familiar???

My issue is not with rumour, speculation or other websites intended to start debate, it is with the websites and papers that are supposed to report factual information, if you haven’t got a story don’t just print the first bit of nonsense that springs to mind on the most searched out football star going to the most searched football team!

We are in need of legislation to prevent absolute rubbish from being reported in all areas of the press. We all know that most news is propaganda and or reported in a biased opinion, depending on the television channel or the religious beliefs of the corporate owners. If there is a truth in the story and we are aware of this we can come to an informed opinion on something that is actually happening or has happened, rather than being duped in to believing something is true when there is absolutely no truth whatsoever in the story.

We were informed by the media and there polls for weeks leading up to the last general election that it was neck and neck between the conservative and labour parties yet the moment the voting closed we all new the conservatives were going to win outright by a clear margin. Who did these polls? where and when?  was it purely propaganda to keep people interested? the media can make serious money in this period with their endless programs and debates dedicated to the event, had the public been made aware that the conservatives were going to win easily would people have spent as much time watching or reading? the answer is clearly no.

I watch very little of the news these days unless it is an event that is of truly historical relevance, when I do decide to do a catch up I make sure to check several leading news companies websites to try and get all angles of the story.

Don’t believe what you are told, search out the truth.


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