Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Theme Parks UK

In the following article you will find the top 5 ways to save money when visiting a theme park in the UK.


First and most importantly plan ahead, the best deals are online and they involve making it a 2 or 3 day visit. Gone are the days you could just turn up and get your tickets at the gate, well you can do that but why would you want to pay 30% more!

All the theme parks now have associated short break websites where they link up with local hotels and offer deals all including the second day entry to the theme park for free. Some of the hotels offer kids eat free and the price for a 2 day entry and a night in a hotel is normally the same price or often cheaper than buying your tickets at the gate for 1 day!

Make sure to book at least a week in advance, especially in school holidays.

At the bottom of this article are the links to the 7 most popular theme parks all handily in one place for you to work out your next trip.

The second way to save money is to use those Tesco Clubcard vouchers. You can boost your points to get entry at a fraction of the price you would pay for a day ticket, as I write this £13 of clubcard vouchers gets a 1 day ticket for Alton Towers. You can also use them for other attractions, hotels and restaurants. We used ours recently for a day at Chessington which meant the day was free! you can see our fun day here

Our third tip to save money is a standard one but one many are still not taking advantage of, always take a picnic. The prices are inflated and generally the choice is very limited. If you decide to take advantage of a short break option just stop off at the bakery, sandwich shop or supermarket before heading off on day 2. Poundland is excellent for snacks and drinks.

To get good value for the theme park you have chosen make sure to measure your children before booking. There are height restrictions on rides, you don’t want to arrive to find that your child can’t go on half the rides or that the special ride they were looking forward to going on is out of bounds. Include extra sets of clothes, for all of you! Most of them now have splash parks, swimming costumes advised, and all have wet rides that can leave you soaking for some time.

Finally check Ebay, people buy tickets for specific days but then can’t go for one reason or another so sell them off at half the price to recoup some of their money, you may not always find the day you are after but it’s worth a look. The sun newspaper also do a collect the vouchers to get free tickets scheme, these are currently being sold on Ebay at a fraction of the day ticket value, there’s a bonus one, it should be 6 ways to save money!

We hope this helps you to save some money and enjoy your days out a little more, you can see all our vlogs to theme parks on the following link

Use the comments below to add any further tips you have to help people save money.

Paultons Peppa Pig World Link

Alton Towers Link

Chessington Link


Drayton Manor

Thorpe Park

Flamingo Land





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